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報名 Online Enrollment

Step 1. Complete the Enrollment Form ONLINE 網上填交報名表格




We shall confirm your place via phone / SMS within 24 hours upon receiving your online registration.

Step 2. Payment methods 繳交學費/會費方式

2.1 We ONLY accept bank-In deposit (ATM / Teller / Online Banking)
請以銀行入帳方式 ( 自動櫃員機 / 銀行櫃台/ 網上理財) 繳交學費

> Account Name戶口名稱:Max Education Company Ltd. 麥思教育有限公司

> Account No. 戶口號碼:012-552-1-027933-3​ (中國銀行)

2.2 Please send your payment record (i.e. payment slip) to or via WhatsApp at 9707 0375 (with student’s name and contact no.)
入數或轉帳後,請電郵付款記錄 (例如:入數紙) 至 或WhatsApp至9707 0375 (請註明學生姓名及聯絡電話)

2.3 Reservation stands for 3 days ONLY. Please settle payment as soon as possible after enrollment.

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