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精英運動員獎學金 Elite Scholarship

Aims 目的

> We appreciate students’ accomplishments and their endeavours to be high-achieving. In supporting their continuous growth and advancement, scholarship vouchers are granted. 運動員獎學金旨在向獎牌運動員提供獎學金以示鼓勵,並對運動員的努力予以表揚及肯定。本獎學金計劃是本會精英培訓系統的骨幹,為高水平精英及潛質運動員提供支援,協助他們在本地分齡賽事爭取佳績。

> A list of elite scholarship recipients would be published on our official website in recognition of their efforts.            


> One extra free lesson per week will be offered to potential and elite athletes. 
​   潛質及精英運動員將獲邀參加每星期額外一次訓練以準備學界比賽

Eligibility 獲獎資格

> Students who compete in the any competitions recognized by us and rank top three shall be granted a $800 voucher for next course. 學員參加學院認可的賽事並取得前三名,將獲獎學金$800參加下期訓練課程。

> Only ONE scholarship voucher would be granted per competition, regardless of the actual number of awards received. 每次比賽運動員只會獲頒發一次$800 獎學金,以成績最佳之項目作準。

Secondary School Athletes' Arrangement 中學組運動員安排:
> Students, who are secondary 1 or above and joined our courses since primary schools, will be offered special tuition fees, $1530 per two months with unlimited classes attendance. 中學組學員如已於小學開始報讀本會課程,將收取$1530/2個月學費而沒有堂數限制。

Secondary School Elite athletes 2 years free training Scholarships 精英學員 2年免學費獎學金 

> Secondary School Athletes will be offered 2 years free training scholarship, subject to renewal every two years by personal coach, if they ranked top 10 in junior/senior HKAAA ranking or representing HK to take part in overseas competitions
> Elite Athletes will be offered free HKAAA registration and free HKAAA race application.

> Elite Athletes will be offered free competition vests.

Terms & Conditions 條款及細則

> The scholarship are not transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash. 獎學金不得轉讓或兌換為現金

> The scholarship only apply to the settlement of tuition for next chapter.                          


> We have the right to amend the terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice.


> Should any dispute arise, the decision of MAX Athletic Academy shall be final.                    


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