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學院簡介 About Us

MAX Athletic Academy is dedicated to provide state-of-the-art athletic training for the young generation, from toddlers to teenagers.  A good beginning is half done. Our academy is devoted to serve as the breeding ground for nourishing prospective brilliant athletes.


For the past couple of years, we have been offering coaching on a small-class and skill basis. While traditional renowned schools putting elevating emphasis on students’ sports capability as one of the admission requirements, we determine to broaden our scope of coaching by increasing the diversity of programmes, so as to maximize students’ potential to the fullest.


‘Running’ is human’s natural instinct, but the speed of running is wholly dependent upon the adequacy and suitability of training received. Through attending our sophisticated programmes, students can attain proper skills, force exertion and physical training, which ultimately help build up sportsmanship, emphasizing determination and persistence. We aspire to nurture students’ all-round development, in particular athletic excellence. In MAX, not being average but awesome. We make students becoming champions.

At the same time, we offer the sale of the following sports equipments and products to Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Athletes and Sports Club:

1) Track and Field Products/Clothing
Including Professional Spikes, Entry level Spikes, Running Vest, Competition Attire, Tight Pants Etc.

2) Trophies Order and Customization 
Including Medals, Crystal Trophies, Metal Trophies

3) Sports, Training and Fitness Equipment
Including Mini Hurdles, Hurdles, Plates, Marks, Elastic Bands, Weight Training Equipments, Block Starter, Box Pylo

Please visit the following store during the office hour 11:00-17:00
Max Sports Equipment Store 
Address: Unit 905, The Galaxy, 313 Castle Peak Road, Kwai Chung









Max Sports Equipment Store 麥思體育用品專門店
葵涌青山公路313 號天際中心9樓 905室

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